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Why serve canapés at your wedding

When planning your wedding, or any other important event, catering needs to be planned in advance. We generally think of catering as the main food and drinks that will be served to your guests. However, don't forget about those delicious canapés!

When trying to save money on your catering bill, canapés are often the first thing that gets cut from the list. Before you do so, however, take a moment to consider the benefits of serving canapés. Firstly, your canapés will set the tone for the rest of the event. Whether traditional, elegant, or more casual, your canapés will let your guests know what they can expect to enjoy later in the day or evening.

While your guests arrive, one by one, they will usually enjoy a drink or two while mingling. Don't let your guests drink on an empty stomach. Serve canapés to help line their stomachs. In addition, alcohol tends to make you hungry and by serving some kind of finger foods while waiting for the main meal, you will keep your guests happy.

Remember to let your caterer know how many guests you are expecting so that they can prepare enough canapés for everyone. They should offer a variety so that there is something for everyone. If any of your guests have any allergies, it's also important to let your caterer know.

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The costs versus perks of hiring a professional caterer

Hiring a professional caterer means that there are obviously some costs involved. This is true whenever you are provided with goods or services. When it comes to caterers, you are provided with both which is why it's important to understand the costs involved.

Your catering service will usually offer, at least, food preparation and delivery. The type of event you are hosting will determine any other services that are required. If you are hosting a fairly simple and casual social event, then you might not need the caterer to stick around. Provided you don't have any meats that need carving or omelets that need to be made to order, there is nothing wrong with setting out your buffet and having guests help themselves.

Plated meals will require that staff are on site from start to finish. The same can be said if any food needs to be sliced, served, or prepared to order. Your catering service might be able to have staff regularly top up or replace water jugs, take orders for drinks or they might have a bartender or two available. The services available depends on the caterer.

So, not only will the food cost money, but it also costs to prepare the food. There is a cost involved in delivering the food and, if any staff remain at the event, they too need to be paid. Some dishes are provided by the caterer but they need to be returned. This means that if anything does break, the cost will be added to your bill. The more you need your caterer to be involved in the event, the hire the final cost will be.

That said, the benefits far outweigh this cost. When you think about not having to lift a finger as far as food preparation and serving is concerned, this is a huge relief! You can focus on whatever is most important to you like delivering a speech, presentation, or even just mingling with your guests. Your caterer will take care of the food aspect which means that décor, entertainment, and anything else is up to you! By not having to worry about the food, you at least have one less responsibility.

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Catering for a themed party

Themed parties are great for various occasions. From birthday parties to other social events, giving your party a theme makes it that much more fun! Planning a themed party will require some research since you will need to make sure that things like décor, music, and food are all suitable. A professional catering service will come in particularly handy since many unusual dishes require specific ingredients.

If you are hosting a Spanish style fiesta, you should focus on bright, warm colours like red, orange, and yellow. The music should not be difficult to find and you might want to create a long playlist for the evening. If you are hiring entertainers, then make sure that they can play music to suit the theme. Ask your caterer about dishes like paella, gazpacho, calamari, and Spanish style Tortillas for example. Remember not to get confused between Spanish and Mexican cuisine.

For a Hawaiian Luau, keep it tropical and help your guests feel like they are enjoying a fine day at the beach. Hawaiian culture does not have distinct boundaries and the cuisine incorporates foods from other parts of the world. Lomi Salmon is a popular dish and Poi is considered a Polynesian staple. Include plenty of fruit and keep the spread as bright as possible. Do the same with your drinks and cocktails too!

Christmas parties usually call for local traditional foods while Halloween parties take on a spooky style. Even if you use regular foods, like cupcakes, you can still help emphasize the theme by decorating them accordingly. Before hiring a caterer, make sure that they are able to provide the foods you want and feel free to ask them for photos or samples.

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