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Catering Advice, Glasgow

Corporate catering to attract more business

Corporate catering is so much more than just putting food on the table. Different events call for different forms of catering. While one event might be on the more formal side of the scale, others are quite casual. One of the greatest benefits of choosing the appropriate catering is that you can help attract even more business.

Whether you are hosting a corporate breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it's important to choose the right foods and beverages. Variety is just as important as quantity. You should have something for everyone but not too much variety or you will end up spending far too much or you will end up with small amounts of each dish. When discussing your needs with your catering service, make sure that they include vegetarian, vegan, diabetic-friendly menu options if you are expecting guests with specific dietary needs or preferences.

Instead of trying to get too fancy, you should make sure that all of the dishes are easy to recognise. Many people are not particularly open to trying new things. Especially at a corporate event. Keep it simple, fresh, and delicious. The presentation of each dish can help spruce things up if you are hosting a classy dinner and you really want to impress.

By keeping all of your guests happy, you will help encourage them to open their wallets. They will either become new clients or you will reinforce your existing business relationship. If you are trying to attract investors, a good meal and some refreshing drinks can help swing their favour your way. Not only do these events give them insight into your company, but they also help show your personal side.

Finally, don't forget about the importance of having a professional cater the event. You will not need to prepare any food, serve your guests, or even take part in the clean up process. All you need to do is focus on keeping your guests happy!

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Understanding Paleo diet needs

Over the years, we have seen many health and diet fads come and go. Some have managed to stick around and others are enjoying current popularity. Whether or not you have heard of the Paleo diet, it's important to keep these dietary needs in mind if you are hoping to cater for any staff members that are following such an eating plan.

Firstly, you need to understand what the Paleo diet is. In simple terms, it involves eating only foods that are in their most natural form and those foods that can be 'hunted' or 'gathered'. In other words, plant and animal products in their completely unprocessed form. So, all of your favourite cuts of ham, salami, or anything of an even slightly processed nature is off limits. Crisps, sweets and similar snacks are also out of the question.

Now that you know what you cannot consume, it's important to know that this does not completely limit your diet. You can still enjoy milk, eggs, meat, vegetables, fruit, and nuts. Look for products that are in their purest form.

So, if any of your employees are on a strict Paleo diet, it's important that you communicate this need with your catering service. Your caterer should be aware of the specific needs of somebody on such a diet. That said, it does not hurt to confirm this special menu. If you are worried about creating problems between your staff, you can always opt for a buffet that includes both Paleo and non-Paleo foods. This way, anyone on a Paleo diet can take their pick from the various foods and dishes based on their preferences.

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Diet and the mood of your employees

Whether you own or run a business, it's important to make sure that your employees are happy. A happy worker is a productive worker and this is where food comes in. Your diet plays an important role on your mood. Not only is it about what you eat but also how often you eat and other eating habits.

Types of food

There are a number of foods that are associated with more positive moods and ways of thinking. There are also foods that can easily bring you down. Healthy foods are ideal and, if you are looking for foods to avoid, these include processed foods, fatty foods, oily or fried foods, and foods that have low nutritional value.

Regular meals

Your sugar levels go up and down throughout the day. This is very much connected to your eating habits. If you do not eat often enough, your blood sugar can drop and this can affect your mood, concentration, and even your overall health. Eating more often ensures a more stable mood.

Skipping meals

Some people say that they are just too busy. Others claim that they are trying to lose weight. No matter what, there is no reason to skip a meal. If you do, it will be that much more likely for you to overeat when you enjoy your next meal. You will also become more irritable because you get far too hungry.

Catered meals

Professionally catered meals can help solve all of these problems. You can set a menu that includes all of the best mood boosting foods while avoiding those that can have a negative effect on your mood. You can also ensure that your staff have a delicious and nutritious source of food that will not require them to lose time ordering, leaving the premises, or even giving lunch a second thought. Catered meals at work will help keep your employees happy and more productive.

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