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Catering Advice, Glasgow

Community event catering

Community events are excellent for getting to know one another and building stronger relationships. Community events, like any other event, need to be properly planned. This includes the venue, entertainment and food.

You can take turns playing host or you can ask each group or family to bring something along. If you choose to have everyone bring something, then you should make sure that they know how many people will be attending and ensure that there are no duplicate dishes. Another option is to all put some money together and hire a catering service.

During the warmer months, community events are the most fun because you can enjoy some outdoor dining and the younger guests can socialise and play in the fresh air. The food can be as informal as you like, especially if this is a family event.

Community events are not only for neighbourhoods. You can plan a business community event and invite various businesses to get together for networking. Each business can offer a specific catered meal and everyone can mix and mingle throughout the day or evening.



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