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Delightful tea party menu ideas

Tea parties can be casual or even formal. A high tea could be just what you need when entertaining important guests. Of course, when serving a catered tea, it's a little bit more decadent than just tea and scones. There's a lot more on the menu and it's all irresistably delicious!

Tea time is great for including both sweet and savoury dishes. So, think about finger sandwiches first.Make sure that you use ingredients that do not have a strong smell. In other words, you may want to avoid things like tuna and choose ham and cheese instead. Other savoury dishes include quiche, pastries, and even cheese and crackers. Keep it light and stick to finger foods.

As for the sweeter side of things, you can choose from plenty of delicious cakes and tarts. Make sure that you include both fruit flavoured sweet dishes and those with chocolate or caramel. Mini tarts, cupcakes, muffins, and small pieces of cake are all excellent choices. It's a good idea to serve smaller portions because it will give your guests the opportunity to try several cakes without wasting much, if any at all.

Finally, don't forget the beverages! Tea is a must, of course, along with coffee. You should also serve fresh water, perhaps a selection of juice for those who prefer a chilled refreshment.

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