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Catering Advice, Glasgow

Do you need drop off or full service catering?

When you choose to hire a catering service for a birthday, wedding, corporate event or any other occasion, you will need to decide between full service and drop off catering. While you will get great food no matter what, there are some significant differences between these two options.

Drop off catering

When you choose this option, you can usually expect more than a quick drop and run. That said, it never hurts to ask! Make sure that the caterer you hire at least includes the set up of the buffet tables and sets the food on these tables. They should also clean up and break down the buffet once the event has come to an end. Of course, there are times when you feel like you have enough helpers to perform the clean up yourselves. This is down to personal preference and you might be able to negotiate a lower price if you pass on some of these services.

Full service catering

As the name suggests, full service catering is everything you need from start to finish as far as plated meals are concerned. The catering service should perform the hard set. Simply put, this is the setting up of all tables, chairs and dressing them with the appropriate linens. Once guests arrive, there should be a bartender available to address all beverage orders. Plated meals will be served to each guest as discussed with the host. Cleaning occurs throughout the event in the form of removing dishes from the tables as and when necessary. Once the event comes to an end, the caterer will then break everything down and clean the event space as well as dispose of any garbage.

Now that you understand the difference between these two types of catering services, you will be able to make a more informed decision. It is worth noting that many caterers are extremely flexible and you can often add extra services or remove them as per your personal needs.


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