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Catering Advice, Glasgow

Community event catering

Community events are excellent for getting to know one another and building stronger relationships. Community events, like any other event, need to be properly planned. This includes the venue, entertainment and food.

You can take turns playing host or you can ask each group or family to bring something along. If you choose to have everyone bring something, then you should make sure that they know how many people will be attending and ensure that there are no duplicate dishes. Another option is to all put some money together and hire a catering service.

During the warmer months, community events are the most fun because you can enjoy some outdoor dining and the younger guests can socialise and play in the fresh air. The food can be as informal as you like, especially if this is a family event.

Community events are not only for neighbourhoods. You can plan a business community event and invite various businesses to get together for networking. Each business can offer a specific catered meal and everyone can mix and mingle throughout the day or evening.



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Impromptu party catering

Weddings and birthdays are the kinds of occasions that can be planned months in advance. This gifts us more than enough time to hire a catering service and arrange all of the important details. When there is an unexpected event, however, you will need to make plans a little quicker. This is where professional catering will save the day.

The first thing you need to know is who you will be inviting. You need an approximate number of guests so that your caterer knows how much food to prepare. Since you will need a quote, you will also need to specify the number of guests in order for the caterer to make the necessary calculations.

If any of your guests have any dietary restrictions, these need to be communicated to the caterer so that they avoid certain ingredients or prepare special meals for those guests. Before you ask any questions or make any plans, this is the most important matter to discuss. If you need a vegan dish or two and the caterer does not offer such dishes, you will need to look elsewhere.

Since this is an impromptu party, you might want to keep it casual. Depending on the weather, you could enjoy your meal outdoors or even have your caterer serve a delicious BBQ. Ask about their informal dining options and suggestions.

Once you have all of the catering details out of the way, you can then plan the d├ęcor, music and all of the other little things that will make the event even more special.


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Wedding rehearsal catering

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. It is the celebration of love and the joining of families. While much work goes into planning the big day, it's good to keep your closest friends and bridal party in mind when it comes to the rehearsal dinner.

Just as your wedding should be catered by professionals, so too should you call a catering service to cater your rehearsal dinner. Since the two events are very close together (sometimes only a day apart), you should think carefully about your menu.

Consider the menu that you have planned for your wedding and avoid all of these dishes for your rehearsal dinner. Not all of your wedding guests will be at the rehearsal but your bridal party will at the very least. You do not want them to end up eating the same food twice.

Many people choose to use the same catering service for both occasions. This helps maintain the standard of taste and quality. It also helps prevent any duplicate dishes. Of course, hiring two different catering companies is not necessarily out of the question. Provided you choose different foods.

Make sure that you ask your caterer about any additional services like glassware, cutlery and equipment rental. Just like your wedding, you need to make sure that you have everything necessary for serving the delicious meal.


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