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Why catering for corporate meeting is essential

Regardless of the industry you specialise in or the type of business you own/run, professionalism is always a vital part of any company image. Putting your best foot forward in every situation is the best way to improve growth, gain trust and maintain momentum in this highly competitive world.

When hosting a corporate meeting, you want to make sure that everyone attending feels like they are receiving something in exchange for their valuable time. If you serve nothing more than cheap snacks and soda, they will most likely feel insulted. On the other hand, if you make the effort of hiring a suitable catering service, they can make even the most basic finger foods look fit for a king! It’s not just what you serve that is important but also how the food is presented. As all professional chefs know, you really do “eat” with your eyes first.

Cheap looking plates of food or platters could also lead your potential clients, investors and/or business partners to believe one of two things. They might think that you are too cheap to invest in your own company. If you’re not prepared to put your money where your mouth is, why should they? Secondly, shortcomings in the food department could give the impression that you are short on cash.

Finally, if you hire professional caterers, you will have more time to mingle and interact with everyone rather than having to check on the food yourself or remind an employee to do so. You are in no way responsible for serving food or beverages of any kind.

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Examples of bad catering service menus

When a catering service offers you a look at their menu, it should include several aspects. If the most important criteria are not met, you can be sure that neither you nor your guests will be happy with the result. By serving a less than impressive meal, it can also affect the image of your company and your personal image as well.

If you notice that a catering service does not offer vegetarian options, head for the hills! Every respectable caterer should understand the different dietary requirements of their clients and they should be able to accommodate their needs. Not only do you need to take a look at the starter but also the main course. If you are opting for a buffet and the caterer does not offer at least five items suitable for vegetarians, you should look elsewhere.

For sit down meals, you should be on the lookout for a three course standard and perhaps some h'ordeuvres for welcoming your guests. Your menu should not be “set in stone” and should allow for some flexibility. You should have at least ten choices for starters. These should include soups and salads as well as other options like fish. For your main course, you should have a choice of at least four different types of meat as well as a vegetarian option and your choice of at least five side items to be served alongside the meat. If you aren't offered at least chicken, beef and a vegetarian option for your main course, look for another caterer.

Desserts should be just as flexible and there should be at least five options to choose from. If you need a diabetic option and your caterer does not offer such a dessert on their menu, ask about it. If they cannot handle this simple request, you are sure to find a better menu with a different caterer.

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Examples of good catering service menus

The menu you choose for an event will depend on a number of factors including your budget, the nature of the event (formal or casual) and who you intend on inviting. Professional catering services are expected to offer you several options for each and every course. From these options, you can select several menu items in order to offer your guests a choice on the day.

If you are opting for a buffet style lunch, you should be able to choose from at least 10 different soups, salads and perhaps also a cheese platters and similar items. For the entrée, you should be able to select from at least 6 different meats with a vegetarian option or two also available. The next choice should be side dishes to be served with the entrée and there should be at least 10 options. For dessert, you should have at least 5 delicious options to compliment the meal.

A cocktail party menu will be rather different with some delicious finger foods served on trays followed by a first course of options for soups and salads. The second course (main course) should offer various options from pasta and fish to red meat and vegetarian meals along with side dishes. Again, you should be able to choose from several desserts.

You can even have your caterers set up serving stations that are operated by trained cooks and servers. Much like a buffet, different tables will be set up with different food items which can be explained and served by the cook on station.

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