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How a bad catering service can impact your business

When hosting a corporate event, you will need to take special care when hiring a caterer for the event. There are ample catering services to choose from but this does not mean that they are all made equal! Even though you are hiring somebody outside of your company to cater, their actions can still impact your business.

Your guests could get sick

If the food that your catering service serves isn’t properly cooked or refrigerated, it could cause your guests to become ill. If you are hosting an event for your own staff (such as an awards evening), you might end up short staffed the next day! 

Financial impact
You might have agreed upon a certain budget in terms of the food and drinks but a sly caterer could push the limits by adding on gratuity without your consent or failing to produce the appropriate amount of food according to the money spent. This will have a direct financial impact on your business and your bank balance.

Offend somebody

A caterer who does not offer a variety of foods is bound to offend some of your guests. We live in a multicultural world where we all need to be as considerate as possible. This is particularly true in the business world. The last thing you would want is to offend one of your vegetarian clients by failing to offer at least one option that will suit their dietary needs.

Insult potential clients or investors
If you hire a catering service that fails to demonstrate quality and/or professionalism, you could be labelled as cheap or inconsiderate. The caterer you hire will directly reflect your personal and professional standards. If the catering job is botched, you cannot expect any of your guests to think very highly of you and your business. This could lead to a loss of investors and therefore capital.

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Why use catering services?

Catering services can really take the guesswork out of hosting a function or event. Whether you are treating your guests to breakfast, lunch or dinner, a professional caterer will ensure success. If you are considering hiring a caterer but you’re not familiar with all the advantages of doing so, just take a look at the list below:

Save time
Hiring a caterer will save you more time than you can even realise! You won’t need to set up, serve the food or clean up afterwards! You simply discuss and decide on the menu and let them do the rest!

Save energy

Why rush around getting everything ready for your event when you could rather sleep in, enjoy a relaxing shower or bath and get yourself looking fabulous? Don’t use up all of your energy on preparing for the event or you won’t have enough left to entertain your guests.

Focus on more important matters

There’s nothing worse than having to serve your guests when you’d much rather be socialising with them. Let your caterer do all the work while you enjoy the event along with your guests and focus on building relationships.

Consider finances
If you hire a caterer, they will take care of everything including the cutlery, crockery and glassware. If you try to do everything on your own, you will need to hire everything separately. Calculate how many plates, cutlery sets and glasses you will need. Calculate a price per head for food as well as drinks and don’t forget to include the plates, glasses and cutlery they will be using. Now compare this amount to the price per head if you use a caterer instead. Even if the caterer is slightly more expensive, it will still be worth it since you won’t need to collect and drop off all the hired items.

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Where are catering services most beneficial?

Catering services might cost more in terms of money but there are so many benefits that make the extra spend more than worthwhile. Whether you are planning on hiring a caterer for a private or corporate event, there’s no denying the advantages.

No cooking
If you hire a professional caterer, you will not need to spend countless hours in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove. Not to mention trying to find a place to store all of your food before you serve it.

No setting up
When hosting an event, what would you rather be doing: getting dressed and practicing your speech or getting sweaty while you rush to set everything up before you toss on the best outfit you can find and hoping for the best? Just because you’re the host does not mean that you shouldn’t have a good time too!

No serving
How can you mingle, make new connections and simply chat with your guests when you’re too busy serving food and drinks? Let a caterer take care of all your serving needs to ensure professionalism and allow you to relax and enjoy the food along with your guests.

No cleaning
After being on your feet all day already, there’s nothing worse than having to stay late to clean up. Catering services are there to take care of it all from start to finish and this includes clearing all the plates and cleaning up before they leave.

No leftovers
There are few things worse than having to store leftover food after an event. Trying to find the space in your fridge and then attempting to eat everything in a couple of days is a nauseating idea! Caterers plan the food per head and, if there are any leftovers, they will take care of it all for you.

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