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Catering Advice, Glasgow

Planning a last minute event

Sometimes we are surprised by unexpected events. Events that call for a party, celebration, or even a memorial. In other cases, there could be some kind of a mix up at the venue which will mean that you have to make other plans. No matter the reason behind the last minute planning, there are a few things you can do to make things easier.

Firstly, start by deligating and asking for help. Give each person a different task so that there is no confusion. Make sure that you set strict guidelines regarding your needs and budget. Look around for last minute booking discounts and don't be afraid to ask venues that are fully booked for their recommendations.

Once you have a new venue, it's time to plan everything else like the d├ęcor, music, and of course the caterer. You need to book your venue first so that you can tell everyone else where they will need to deliver their goods and/or services.

Finding a catering service at the last minute can be just as tricky as finding a venue. Even if your favourite caterer is booked for that evening or afternoon, you could ask if they have any foods that can simply be delivered rather than hiring serving or wait staff. Another good tip to remember is to keep the menu as simple as possible. Complex requests require more time and supplies on your caterer's part which makes the menu more demanding. If you keep it simple, you make it that much easier for them to fulfill your requests.

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