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Finding the best catering companies in Glasgow

December is always a busy time for catering companies. With Christmas fast approaching businesses and organisations begin to prepare festive parties for their staff and members. A time of getting together and having a feast!

For some businesses this can be relatively straight forward. They will have a preferred supplier which they have come to know and trust with all their catering needs. So a quick phone call to arrange the menu, number of people attending, venue, etc and everything is taken care of.

But for some newer companies (or businesses who rarely use outside caterers) the Christmas party means having to find a catering company who will not let them down. This is not necessarily an easy task when starting from scratch. The people involved will have to work out a budget, call for quotes, weigh up the pros and cons of different suppliers - before reaching a decision and placing the order.

Whilst all this is going on behind the scenes. Staff are getting excited in anticipation of the party - hoping their bosses will be putting on a good spread. A chance to let their hair down and enjoy some food and drink together before breaking up for Christmas. If everything runs smoothly then staff head into the New Year with a feeling of being treated and appreciated for the hard work they did in the previous twelve months.

So with all this riding on the Christmas party we have put together some tips to help you find the best catering companies in Glasgow!

1. Seek out a personal recommendation
It is always good to find a first hand recommendation from someone you already know and trust. Perhaps you want to ask one of your clients? Consider how valued they would feel if you call them and ask "Can you recommend a good catering company in Glasgow?".

If a client cannot help then perhaps ask a supplier instead or even send an email out to your staff. Someone's friend/family may run a catering company.

2. Keep it local & save on delivery
With so many catering companies in and around Glasgow, the chances are there is one right on your door step - or at the very least a stones throw away. So ask around, search based on your postcode and see who is nearby. Being able to pop-in and meet them face-to-face will not only give you a better rapport, but also save on delivery costs!

3. More traditional approach

If all else fails then you can turn to the yellow pages or an equivalent internet directory for catering companies in Glasgow.  Nowadays these sites will often have customer reviews which allows you to see the best rated caterers in your area.  Here are few to get you started:

- http://www.yell.com
- http://www.thomsonlocal.com

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