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Best veggies for grilling

More and more people are choosing to enjoy a vegetarian diet. Contrary to popular belief, this type of diet does not mean that you will no longer be enjoying protein. It just means that you need to plan your meals to include enough plant protein. If your catering service is serving grilled foods, make sure that you ask them about grilled vegetables too.


Corn on the cob is undoubtedly the top choice when it comes to grilled veggies. You can season with salt and serve some butter on the side too, if you like!

Portobello Mushrooms

These mushrooms are larger and this makes them perfect for the grill. Some light seasoning and you are all set. There really is nothing quite like their amazing flavour.

Aubergine (Eggplant)

After being thoroughly washed, this delicious veggie can be thickly sliced and grilled to perfection. You may want to season with salt and it will really highlight the natural flavours.


Onions smell delicious as they cook on the grill. All you need to do is clean them and cut them into rings. No seasoning necessary, they taste great all on their own.

Bell peppers

Red, green or yellow, there are plenty of delicious options when it comes to peppers. They are very easy to grill and each type of pepper has its own unique flavour. For example, red peppers are sweeter than the green variety.

If you are ever unsure about the types of veggies to have your caterer add to the grill, you can always ask your vegetarian guests for their suggestions. They should have a list of their favourite veggies and discuss these options with your catering service.


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Making lunch at work a unique experience

Lunch need not be a dull or monotonous experience. There are several steps that you can take to keep lunch interesting and attractive to your employees. Here are some ideas to help keep your employees interested in the lunch menu you have to offer.

Selection of garnishes

You might serve a single main item on each plate or you could offer two options. You can then ask your employees to select two or three of the various side items.This way, everyone can choose the foods they want. Not only will this make the meal more enjoyable, but it will also mean that there will be far less waste. If you choose to serve a buffet, make sure that your catering service serves a selection of meats, vegetables, salads, and sauces too. They can all choose whatever they prefer which, again, will help you please everyone.

Ask for some input

You are not a mind reader and you cannot be expected to know what everyone enjoys. You can, however, give your employees the opportunity to provide their input regarding foods they enjoy along with any dietary restrictions. Ask your catering service for a list of foods that they are able to provide and then have your employees mark their selections. They can also specify any special needs like diabetics, gluten-free, vegan, and so on. If there are any special requests that are not on the menu, you may have to confirm with your caterer first.

Packed baskets

Some of the best bonding moments are over a delicious meal. Which is why it can prove so beneficial to encourage your employees to eat lunch together rather than alone. Ask your catering service to create delicious baskets of food for smaller groups of staff to share. This makes lunch both interesting and intimate. Your employees will get to know one another better and thereby build stronger relationships. This, in turn, will help your business runs smoother.

Don't forget to keep each meal different. If you serve the same food each day or rotate through the same 5 meals each week, your employees will soon become bored. Variety is not just about serving different foods, but also the way its prepared.

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Foods for a finger buffet lunch

Finger foods for lunch are excellent when you are hosting an event that involves plenty of mingling. When you want to make the most of every minute by meeting and greeting everyone, the last thing you want is to be seated for most of the afternoon. What some people might wonder is what kinds of foods they should serve and the good news is that you have more options than you think!

The first order of business are sandwiches. Now, we're not talking about your regular, plain bread and topping type sandwiches that you whip up for the kids when you're in a hurry. These sandwiches include a variety of toppings and you can even opt for baguettes or wraps if you prefer. Sandwiches should include meat and non-meat options as well as plenty of fresh salad items. The salad toppings like lettuce, tomato, and cucumber add flavour while keeping the sandwiches moist and that much more nutritious.

Apart from sandwiches, you can also serve a wide variety of other finger foods such as chicken wings, quiche (or mini quiches), kebabs (meat and non-meat options), prawns for seafood lovers, spring rolls (with meat, vegetables, or both), and a selection of dips of course. Since everyone has different preferences, it's good to offer several sauces and dips. It's also important to make sure that you choose your sauces according to the foods you are serving. Sweet and sour or sweet chilli sauce goes really well with foods like spring rolls whereas BBQ or ranch dressing might be preferred for those chicken wings. Make sure that you include at least one sweet, one spicy, and several mild options.

As for dessert, mini cakes, biscuits, and anything you can hold between two fingers are ideal. After enjoying all the delicious food set out on the finger food buffet, dessert is usually enjoyed in moderation. Keep the portions small. Your guests can always have more than one but it's best to avoid any waste. Fruit is also a great idea for a healthy dessert option. Fruit kebabs look great and they are easy for your guests to pick up and enjoy too!

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