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Things that many people forget when planning a wedding

Wedding planning is far more complicated than many people know. There are a few things that people often forget or leave until the last minute before the big day. When it's your turn to put everything together, here are some important things to keep on your list of things to do.

Seating arrangements

Planning the seating at your reception is not just about making sure that you put the right people next to one another. Families should be kept together, of course, but you also need to take note of any dietary restrictions and let the catering service know where these guests are to be seated.

Chilled drinks

It's not only your food that needs to be served at the right temperature. Drinks also need to be served at the right temperature. If you serve wine, beer or even soda at room temperature, it simply will not be appealing to your guests. As for coffee and tea, make sure that these are served hot.


When making your list of beverages, don't forget about water. It's really handy to have your caterer place pitchers of ice water on each table. These pitchers should be topped up throughout the night to ensure that your guests have an alternative to alcohol and sweet beverages.

Serving the staff

Your guest count is an important part of planning the catering. However, you should also include staff on your list. People like your photographer, DJ or band should also be counted. It doesn't hurt to have the caterer prepare a few extra meals just in case.

Clean up

Cleaning up is not something that the bride and groom should worry about. They should be well on their way to their honeymoon destination while the clean up is taken care of for them. You have two main options. You can ask the catering service about taking care of the clean up or you have have your helpful relatives take care of it.

Catering for kids

Remember to keep children in mind when hiring a caterer. Children often have different tastes in food which is why they need to be catered for and it's important to mention this to the catering service.

Menu cards

To satisfy the curiosity of your guests, you can place menu cards on each table. This will let them know what to expect as far as food is concerned.

By keeping these points on your list of things to do, you will be able to rest easy knowing that your wedding will be properly catered and everyone will be happy.


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